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Components are precision manufactured in a controlled environment.

Screw-attached components eliminate squeaks,

nail pops, and resulting callback for repairs.


Corrosion resistant members won't shrink, warp,

rot, or split.


Engineered performance designed to withstand hurricane and earthquake forces.

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Five inches of expandable Polystyrene insulation

that does not give out toxic fumes and is fire retardant.

R-value performance: The R-values of Polystyrene

insulation per unit thickness are superior to most

alternative common insulation products of reasonable

price. Resulting in lower energy bills and savings.

Compressive strength: Polystyrene has both high

and uniform compressive strength. It therefore,

has better resistance to sustained loads

[compressive creep] than most alternatives.

Dimensional stability: There are increasing concerns

about the stability of certain plastic foams in some

applications. Polystyrene has been used

and tested extensively for over 50 years and

does not pose dimensional stability problems.

Superior water resistance: The cell structure of

Polystyrene enables it to resist all forms of water

and moisture penetration.

Fungus and bacteria: F.H.A. test procedures have

proved that Polystyrene will not support bacteria

or fungus growth.

5_ polystyrene_edited.jpg


Electrical and plumbing walls are pre-installed

at our manufacturing facility.



Can I do myself

Can the buyer finish the home?  Yes, however, the shell must be setup as well as taped and floated by the dealer.

Electrical Wire

How do you run the electricity in your homes? Electricity is run in ENT conduit.

Hanging Pictures

How do you hang pictures? For twenty pounds or less we suggest a 4 1/2" nail at an angle, however, for heavier objects, we suggest 1 1/2" self tapping screws into a stud.

Finding Studs

How do you find studs? Studs are 24" on Center. If you do not have a stud finder, a magnet will help you locate the studs.

R Values

What is the R-Value of your homes?  The roof has an R-Value of 50+. The walls have an R-Value of 24.


What type of roof do your homes have? A: Our homes have a 26 guage galvalume standing seam roof with concealed fasteners


Do you build Garages?  Yes, we build fully insulated garages that can be transformed into a room.


What type of floor does your home have?  A standard, scored, concrete slab that can be stained.

Real People Homes, Inc.

The structures are built by independent contractors who are not agents or employees 

of Real People Homes, Inc.




Real People Homes, Inc. extends to each customer a warranty of one year on workmanship and materials fabricated by Real People Homes, Inc.  Any additions to the structure or alterations in addition to the original design void this warranty.

Disclaimer of Further Warranty


All warranties and claims against Real People Homes, Inc. are limited to the one year

warranty on materials fabricated by Real People Homes, Inc.

Real People Homes, Inc. is not responsible for any other services or construction provided

to the customer including but not limited to foundation, electrical service, plumbing, roofing, windows, finish work, landscaping, and septic systems.

Real People Homes, Inc. is not responsible for any other express or implied warranty,

including but not limited to an implied warranty of merchantability, implied warranty

of fitness for a particular purpose, implied warranty of good and workmanlike performance and implied warranty of habitability.


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